National Museum of the American Indian

I just got word that “Through the Looking Glass” will be screening this August in Santa Fe! If only I could go, Santa Fe is one of those magical cities. When I was a kid and sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon we also went to Santa Fe and ate dinner at the Famous La Fonda.

I think one of the things I love best about Santa Fe is the color of the land there. There is something to be said for bright red dirt.

Today I saw my community mental health nurse. I’m telling you, I’m all set in this town now. I also apparently have the best psychiatrist in town, which is really good because clearly I’ve had issues with psychiatry in general, and with my last psychiatrist specifically who didn’t know what transphobia meant and was going to diagnose me schizophrenic based on my film career which he also assumed was non-existent. Which is obviously not the case. The Native Cinema Showcase I will be showing in is put on by The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe. Not too shabby for a mental health consumer.

Seeing a community mental health nurse is like, well I don’t know because I’ve never had one before. But she wanted to know all about me in 45 minutes. It was kind of funny giving a run down on my life. Depressed as a kid, anxiety ridden, academically competitive, etc etc. I just found out recently that one of my Actel friends now has a PhD in Chemistry! Good gravy! Then again, I’m finally showing in an event put on by the Smithsonian, so in many ways I guess I’m still on Actel timing.

Actel was an accelerated learning environment for gifted children in Elementary school here in Saskatoon. It was probably one of my favorite education environments because finally I was in school with other people who wanted to win! As in, get A+ report cards. Britta, the one with the PhD, was my most fierce competitor, and aggressively called me all through high school to compare who got the best marks. Once I got a 93 in science and she got a 91 and she actually screamed like a banshee over it, it was really funny. And anyway, I was the artsy writer so I wasn’t that much fun to compete with.

It’s funny after this big blow up this spring with my mania that I ended up just clutching my screenplay in the hospital saying “No really, this is all I have left, and it’s real, I really wrote this screenplay! I really am making a movie!” Good thing my new psychiatrist knows about artists.

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