USB Gender Changers and E Cup Dudes.

Gmail suggests sites for people to look at based on what you write about. So imagine my surprise when it suggested I look at USB Gender Changers.

In fact, when I went crazy I tried to ressurect an ipod with a dead hard drive. None of my IT Priest skills came in handy, not even wrapping a rosary around a USB cable. I guess this means I’m back to my Pagan roots. I even recycled it because I’m trying to be kind to the environment. And throwing an ipod into the garbage just seemed sacreligious.

It’s true I love Mac IT work. I applied to minacs once to do tech support but they never got back to me. Have you ever seen a dead mac icon? Oh, it sends chills down your spine! At least my computer is happy with me.

I’ve decided to apply to Canada Council to do a documentary this next year about tracing my genomes AND doing a gender transition. I am going to learn about borders and crossing the borders while doing it. I doubt I will do any filming in airports, but I will say how border crossings went. I’m hoping to get to a tribe in Asia with my uncle, but we’ll see. I was hoping to get on a Camel while the song My Humps plays!

It’s such a goofy song! My lovely lady bumps. Check em out!

Oh yeah, and here’s a dude complaining about those leftover lady bumps. I know the feeling being a freakin’ E CUP DUDE!

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