Connecting with the trans community

It’s kind of bizarre knowing now I am moving into a phase of my life where I’m learning to accept becoming part of a minority that is hated and feared and bashed on and so on and so forth. On the other hand, that’s been the case with most of my identity issues.

Today I went for lunch with a contact person to get in touch with the FTM community here. It was a nice lunch, and anyway I found out the good news which is that I might be able to get on hormones sooner rather than later, depending on what my doctor thinks. This week I have an appointment to see my psychiatrist and then my mental health nurse, so I’ll talk to them more about it. There is supposed to be ANOTHER psychiatrist in town I will have to see for consultations and then a doctor who’s going to monitor my hormones and see how that goes. I dunno. It’s all pretty complicated, the medical aspect of it, when the very simple basics are just me jabbing my butt every two weeks with a needle and getting my boobs reduced. I think it’s the mental aspects of it that are intense, learning to live like a man and so on and so forth.

Learning to be a NICE man especially, I’ve seen way too many guys try on the brute aspect of it and that doesn’t suit me. Even if I was born genetically male, I STILL wouldn’t be too enamoured of the shovey angry punch other guys kind of guy model.

Hormones!!!! I’ll let you know as soon as I get a prescription.

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