The Wetigo Hunter

I just wrote the first two minutes of The Wetigo Hunter. I feel like maybe I sped things up a bit, faster than they should be. It’s hard writing the first two minutes, I want it to be perfect. It opens with a character called Erika, a vampire. It’s pretty hot. She has a transgendered lover she feeds on, pretty kinky stuff!

I like screenplay writing. This one I think I will write in my spare time while I do my documentary. If I can get my screenplay produced I will have access to Greenberg funding for screenplay writing. Mostly it’s also a good idea to have screenplays written for the next time people ask “What are you working on?” Especially when I get Bunnyhug produced. I like how Bunnyhug turned out, I’m really happy with it, and that’s a good thing. There were times when I was just pissed off at it, it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted, parts of it didn’t jive with other parts, etc etc. It was definitely a learning process.

Finding a producer is rough so far though. I feel like I don’t know any! Although my uncle is a producer. Bunnyhug could be, like, the landmark aboriginal comedy!! About survival through poverty and madness! You never know!

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