Be an artist and see what happens

Things have been weird around here. My cousin got beat up by some random strangers, and it kind of freaked me out about the issues of random violence here in Saskatoon. It’s pretty funny too after living in the Downtown Eastside for a year or whatever. Big City random violence hasn’t happened to that many people I know. I got beat up once in Saskatoon, it scared the shit out of me. I mean, I just don’t understand people who hit.

Or yell. Yelling wigs me out. Especially at children.

In Indian families cousins are like sisters and brothers. And all my cousins are pretty cool, now that they are older. I feel particularly bad for my one cousin though who got beat up because he was trying to clean up his act.

I think I’ve reached a turning point in my life. Being in a care home has given me the chance to leave the house with as many different people as possible, so I’m actually getting a bit of a life. And the NMAI is putting up a Close Up on me on their website, which will be cool. And I’m going to Banff soon, which will be fun. I need to go be an artist and see what happens.