Cause you’re always putting me down . . .

That’s from a Cranberries song line. I like it, because it’s so generalized. You’re ALWAYS putting me down. ALWAYS. Without fail.

Anyway, I am working on a grant right now to make a short film based on a short piece of prose I once wrote about vampires, it will probably only be a three minute film. Film! I’m going to shoot it on a bolex and edit on a steenbeck. It should be ridiculously fun to make. I haven’t touched celluloid in quite a while!

I just deleted my maniac blog, which made me feel really happy. I hate havin to delete blogs, but this is the second maniac blog I’ve deleted in my life. I sense a pattern. And that makes this, I guess, my post maniac blog, which is what Fit of Pique was for so long.

I’m kinda proud of fit of pique, and I kind of miss it, but I’m glad to be moving into a different territory. This one I’m assuming will be about trying to get Bunnyhug made, and making different shorts, and stuff like that. I’m working on a short and a longer project. The longer project is about coming out as trans and so on. I’m hoping it turns out well.

I have an apartment to look at tomorrow, which is exciting because I really really really want to move. It’s a studio apartment and I can have my cat there, which is also good. I’m waiting to live with my dog again for when I move into this rainbow co-op housing. I dunno what else to say in this blog. I’m still getting better by increments. I was kind of down this morning, but I’m quitting smoking, so that could be it. Because I’m always putting me down . . . Actually I got a budget done for one of my projects, so I am happy about that.