Post Mania

Mania sucks ass. If you don’t believe me, ask any bipolar person. It’s embarrassing, like having a big mental shit all over the place. I’m so glad it is over.

I’m still looking for places to live. I saw one really nice apartment and put my name in, haven’t heard back yet. I hope I get it though, it’s just scuzzy enough to fit my tastes. I mean old, it’s in a really old building, which are the kinds of buildings I prefer.

What is it about an old building? I used to think I wouldn’t like them because of ghosts. But in truth, I’ve never had a ghost issue while I’ve lived in an old building. I did once have a poltergeist issue with a roommate of mine, she just always attracted that kind of energy. And I saw stuff move around while she was abouts, which was always kind of creepy. Not to disparage her, she’s pretty cool, but poltergeists, ai ai ai! Messy rude things.

Enough about ghosts, how am I?

Well, I’m still getting better in increments. I’m still excited and waiting to get on hormones. I’m not sure when it will happen, it seems to involve a lot of waiting time to see people, beyond when I’m finally officially stabilized in the eyes of my doctor. I think she’s waiting for me to be less depressed, which is slowly abating. In truth I don’t think I’m depressed so much as bored. Not working has been boring. Tomorrow I start at this psych rehab place for eight weeks, I think it’s a lot of group activities and so on, but I’ll be getting out with other people which is good. I have also started applying for jobs again, although my EI doesn’t run out for nine months. But I think I’d rather be out in the world than stuck at home on EI.