I still haven’t heard about my grant and I’m nervous. It’s 2008. Welcome 2008.

Mom found out today she didn’t get her grant. Pretty sad.

I’m hoping this year I’ll stop feeling sad about the breakup. It’s been pretty hard on my recovery process.

I’m also quitting smoking for the upteenth time.

I had a quiet new years. I was at Divas briefly and then I went to mom’s and rang in the new year with her. And I pretty much stayed at her house until now.

Tonight’s my last night to hang out with Deanna Banana.

I found out Shrooms don’t work on me! I tried them over Christmas and nothing happened while my cuz got ripped.

Must be the medication.

I really do miss that special girl I hung out with last year. She was amazing in all the right ways. And we had this special vampire fetish going on between us. I’d never gotten that close to thinking of bloodplay as being particularily sexy. Usually I’m a needles girl, but if she’d wanted to cut me I would have been all over it.

I don’t do intravenous drugs though, not those kinds of needles.

I’m sleepy and today is my first day back at work. Only four hours and then I hang out with No Ass D.

Otherwise known as Deanna Banana.

She got the name after we sat down on a snowy stoop and I was the only one to leave an ass Print. We were both high on life. and she got the name, No Ass D. Which is funny because she really does have no ass, her pants are always falling down showing ass crack.

I HOPE 2008 is a better year.

Oh, I also decided to put off applying to grad school for one more year. I don’t think I’m ready yet for grad school, and I want to stay in Saskatoon a little bit longer.

Yesterday Mister tried to bring a poop in the house, he was carryin it in his mouth! It made me think twice about letting him lick my face.

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