La la la

I’m applying for a new job as a screenprinter. I think it would be fun. I don’t know why I think that but I do.

Life’s going alright for me right now. I’ve made a resolution to treat myself better, ie doing laundry more often and so on. Mom used to keep telling me that unwashed clothes were a sign of mental illness. I guess I was depressed. I didn’t have much energy. Now I’m a bit more alert. My creativity is down though. I need a project to work on to keep happy.

So far all my writing is on this blog, and I haven’t blogged much lately.

I am finally starting to get over my last big love. I doubt I’ll meet anyone this year though. And I really do need a new crush. On who, I don’t know. Someone sexy and funny and slightly mysterious. Someone who’d be able to hang on through a manic episode.

It still makes me sad how my last affair ended. How depressing, to have a cruddy health problem cause such mayhem and destruction. It truly was the most catastrophic of all endings. So shitty. Blerg!

Anyway, I’m hoping I get this new job because I would dearly love to do something other than work in a call centre. I’ve just done that kind of work for so long. Screenprinting would be a good change. And I’d feel mildly more creative than I do now.

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