Pimp My iPod

One of the funny things about iPods is sometimes you get weird little synchronicities with the shuffle function. The other day I was listening to Peaches “Stick it to the Pimp”, when what should the next song be?

You guessed it, “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp.”

I really need to make a decision about blogging. If I’m going to keep blogging I should at least put in the effort. I’ve been blogging for over a decade now, and it’s been part of my life since roughly about the same time I got the internet.

My first blogs were all personal diary entry type things, mostly about girls. Girls I liked. And how rotten they were. Ha ha, just kidding.

My last girlfriend ended up getting over a hundred senseless emails from me. I feel so bad about that! Oh man, I hate Crazy Time, it’s very destructive. I even forgot my password to Fit of Pique, which is why I don’t write there anymore. I forget half the crazy shit I did. Which is embarrassing.

Illness is often embarrassing, but manic psychosis makes for much more than one major faux pas.

I hate psychosis, everything is way too fast. Especially the Mistakes.

I’m much more laid back than that.

I am making a shopping list of things I most need, like a filing cabinet.

I used to have the best filing cabinet. It was legal sized and had two drawers. Mom absconded with it during one of my moves across the country as payment for something. She also kept my t.v. stand, which is also glorious in it’s own swinging glass door way.

I also need a new leather jacket. I went to Boutiques of Leather to look at them and some of them were atrocious. Way too many zippers! I have developed an awareness of the aesthetic limits of zippers.

My last leather coat was amazing and I want another just like it. Because I’m set in my ways like that. Anyway, next I will be going to the Leather Ranch. I don’t know why I’m writing about shopping.

How embarrassing.

The iPod was a worthy purchase. So far I’ve got ten gigs of songs on it, and there’s still like, 70 gigs left.

Gigs. And bits and bytes.

I was thinking about putting some video on it.

I wish my life was a little more exciting. Tonight I have my Rainbow Co-op Housing interview, so I hope that goes well.

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