I don’t know if I already mentioned this, but I’ll be going to Scotland as part of my grant. I’ve had a look in a few guidebooks and tonight I purchased Lonely Planet’s Scotland. So I am planning what to do for the two weeks I’ll be there. At some point I have to get to Wick, a small town of 7000 far up North. We have relatives way up there, I don’t know what else there is up there besides the ruins of a castle. I’ve never seen a castle before.

My mom is coming with me, if she can scrounge up enough money to come. I think it would be fun to visit Scotland with her. And for a first time trip abroad it would be good for her because they speak English. With a heavy accent, but she’s watched BBC.

I’m excited about visiting the homes of my ancestors and I’m more than a little curious if I’ll feel a sense of homecoming.

Tonight I went to my interview for Co-Op Housing, I think it went really well. I pay $800 up front which gets refunded when I move out, I can have a dog and a cat, as long as the dog is little and Mister definitely fits the bill. I have to volunteer three hours a month and attend the general meetings and the spring/fall clean up day and BBQ. The suites look nice too. So hopefully soon I will find out how I did and if I get in sooner or later.

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