Me and My Weiner Dog

When I first decided to get a dog, it was because rats died too soon. They only have a three year lifespan, and I was pretty tired of having a broken heart because another rat died. So after much consideration, I decided I was getting a weiner dog. They were funny looking, small, and semi butchy, so I thought it was a good fit. I don’t know why I think weiner dogs are butch. They’re not frou frou generally anyway.

Then I started doing research on psychiatric service dogs. They were amazing! I wanted one.

So I got Mister from a breeder up in Prince Albert. She bred shorthairs mostly, but because of a recessive gene Mister cropped up, all long haired and gooney looking. No, I mean, he is handsome, but on his bad hair days he does resemble a mop.

We had trouble with him right from the start. At a maximum number of people in the house he goes and hides under the couch. He’s always been shy, like me. He’s kind of standoffish until you get to know him. And he’s only REALLY obediant if you have some kind of treat in your hand.

But he is very cute.

I haven’t lived in the same house with him since I moved out of Mom’s the Third Time.
I don’t think he’ll ever be a psychiatric service dog, but an emotional support animal, possibly. He’s pretty entertaining. I’ve never met such a comical dog. He’s also very loyal, which is nice. He’s nearly always at my side when we’re together. Or behind my back, like right now.

Mister Mop. He gets shaved in the summer and that’s when he looks really smart.

I’ll never regret getting him. But I’ll be glad if we can get into co-op housing so I can live with my animals again. I’ve missed having animal energy around my living space.

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