Smoke Free Report: Day 6

It’s practically spring here, even though it snowed today, and I have forgotten how to turn the radiator down. There, I think I might have turned it down.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about not smoking. It’s day 6 I think. Anyway, I’m doing really good. The patch totally helps out. And I’ve taken up gum chewing again. So when I turn 30 I’ll be smoke free. I’m pretty happy about it. It’s amazing how intense nicotine addiction is.

My clothes smell nice again, and that’s good, and I must be infinitely more kissable now that I don’t have smokers saliva. Bleh!

Tomorrow I’m going to spend the day cleaning my apartment and washing my clothes. Boring I know. But believe me, it will be a significant improvement to my life.

Once when I lived in Vancouver I went to this little laundromat and saw a cockroach run out from an arcade game. I freaked out and always used the laundry across the street since, even when it destroyed some good sheets but putting grease stains on them when they went through a bad dryer.

I watched a friend smoke a whole cigarette in front of me twice and I didn’t even ask for a puff. I was so proud of mself. Yay for beating nicotine! But there’s still a ways I have to go. I’m getting online coaching to quit, so that’s good. But for so many reasons I decided to quit. Me and cigarettes had a history, but it’s over.

Which is how I’m finally thinking about my last relationship. It’s just over. There’s nothing more to be said. And the psychic was right about her. It was going to be a messy breakup.

I’m thinking I have to take my new talkcam back to the store because it doesn’t work. I’m trying to get with the century and use Skype,

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