good friday

Princess Auto was closed when I finally got out there to buy a powered usb hub for my computer. I need it to properly use my new webvideocamera. It works with mom’s computer so I was trying it out there and got on Skype for the first time, only to discover one thing.

Don’t select female on your profile page.

No kidding, I had to shut the damn thing down twice because I kept getting chats from guys who just wanted sex. One guy was really bossy and demanding a photo. Fuck off! I don’t send out photos to people I don’t know just on the off chance I might want to see an erect penis on a fuzzy webcam.

And I didn’t want to see any penises, but they just kept sending chats! Stop it! And then they would get annoyed if I chatted with someone else. And I only got this camera and Skype so I could talk to my friends out east. So far my experiences with Skype have been sad. Too many annoying people.

That’s the funny thing about new technology, people will always apply it to sex somehow. I don’t know why that is. And men will always be rude and uncooth online. I think Emily Post needs to write a book on online manners. Because some people, god! Like all this spam I’ve been getting for hot milf action. I don’t want to sleep with someone just because they have kids.

I think the most uncooth thing is dumping someone via email. It’s so passionless, which is maybe the point. I’ve been dumped twice by email. I’ve never been dumped by text messaging though. That’s something to look forward to.

I once dumped someone on the machine and I got into such trouble because her roommates heard it before she did. Ooops! Never again, and I’d apply that to email too.

Of course getting dumped in public isn’t good either. Maybe the best way to dump someone is on the phone. Then whoever’s getting dumped can have a little cry and then stick their face in the fridge.

Today is Good Friday. We went on a Stations of the Cross walk but left Jesus on his plight to eventually stand in the shivering cold outside the closed library to wait for mum to pick us up. We only made it to two stations.

And they’ll know we are absconding by our walk, by our walk.

My dachshund lamp arrived today. It’s bigger than Mister and it glows greeny. It’s very cute. It’s for nursery’s actually, and it was my 29th birthday present, much belated. Mum has my 30th present picked out, so she says.

Then we went to Mulberry’s for lunch and listened to Gramma and Grampa bicker in the car all the way home.

Deanna Mae is coming to town today, so I’m happy about that. Say hello to my little cousin!

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