Setting up cocksuckers

I hung out with my gay friend Mike today. Mike and I met at work and then quit within a week of each other, but we still hang out, and I’m glad because he is a lot of fun. Tonight I went to his place with some beer, we ended up going to Diva’s and dropping E and dancing, and then went back to his house and watched Youtube and exchanged stories of how we each lost our virginity. He came out when he was really really young too, and so did I.

I came out when I was fourteen. I figured out I was a lesbian the night I hugged a female friend with breasts and was in awe of the feeling of breast against breast.

I waited until grade 10 or 11 to come out at school, but a lot of people knew really. I wasn’t hiding really, or I was kinda but then something in me just broke and I’d be the dykiest person you could see in that school. Being butch is something you can’t hide.

Strangely enough, it took me a long time to be able to apply the word Butch to myself and feel good about it. I tried to be femme and ended up looking like a drag queen. So eventually I accepted my butch self, and I started shopping in the mens section.

I don’t like strapping on a dick. Some butches do, but I’m a writhing bottom. I like to get fucked. And there are a lot of butches that like getting fucked and a lot of happy femmes who like strapping it on and showing their big butch girlfriend some lovin.

I got to see boys kissing tonight because we were at the gay bar. There aren’t many places in town where boys can safely kiss. I think it’s easier for girls because straight men like that lesbian thing.

Tonight Mike and I talked about pussy eating and cock sucking. I think giving oral is way more fun than getting it. I don’t know why. Some people don’t like giving head, so I hear. I think next to fisting, eating a pussy is a good way to spend some free time.

I love having gay friends. We went on facebook and I showed him all the cute gay men I knew to find out his taste. He picked the hottie, Pat Mills. Pat Mills is one sexy fag. I’d do him. God, I hope he doesn’t read this blog and get offended.

I’ve often wanted to find Pat a husband, because he’s such a great guy and an amazing catch. Whatever man lands him, and I’m curious to find out who, is going to be so lucky. Plus Pat makes great films. He and I met in first year at Emily Carr.

First year at Emily Carr is kind of like an arty high school. They load you up on drawing and art history and installation and just about every kind of art practice there is, and then you have to go for interviews to get into your program. I nearly missed being in the film department, but I put up a fight and made them put me in. I mean, that was the only reason I wanted to go to Art School. So I could study film. That was the only reason Pat Mills was at Emily Carr too. But he said fuck it to their interviews and got accepted into Ryerson. And he’s doing quite well now.

Anyway, he was always so adorable, he’s the perfect gay husband. And someday I would like to matchmake my gay friends and see a serious relationship bloom, just so I could feel like some lesbian super hero.

My new gay friend Mike is also really cute and quite the catch. I have excellent taste in gay men. I’ve never had a shallow or mean gay friend. Not like some of the bitches at the bar. Always lovely gay men who tell me their crazy sex adventures.

I love how gay men approach the idea of sex, I mean, they really do have this sense of frivolity around it, and they can have so much sex! I know that’s a bit of a stereotype, but man, sex sex sex. They have bathhouses, I’m so jealous.

I actually have really high standards for who I have sex with now. I used to just go out and get it, and not particularly care where it came from. Then I turned 24 and I got a crush on my friend Robin. She’s probably reading this and laughing. We’re friends, obviously it didn’t go anywhere, but the more I found out about her the more I loved her, and then, I don’t know, it reached a turning point and now we’re just really good friends, with no sexual tension coming from either of us. I like that. But it made me realize how much I wanted to really feel intensely for someone before I had sex.

Then my last dates were with the girl I lost my virginity to, the one I mourned over in the earlier passages of this blog. I knew when she and I started hanging out that I was attracted to her still, and then one day when she dropped me off I kissed her, out of the blue. And she kissed me back, and it was magical.

We never had what you could call sex, but we did have one heavy make out session and many many french kisses. And while it was working (before I had my psychosis and she dumped me) I was thinking, you know what, this pace is perfect. I can get to know her without the pressure of sex but still with that sweet tinkling that there could be sex, and it was good. I mean, we really had a good time together, it was fun. The conversations were amazing, and that is what I miss the most about her.

At this point I know it’s highly dubious we’ll ever be lovers again, but I would still like to be her friend. She’s leery of this, and I’m sure she has good reason. I wasn’t the easiest person to know when I was manic. But there really was this nice spark of genuine beginnings of bestfriendship. And that is rare to find, about as rare as finding a good lover. So anyway, on E I usually come to a peace about something in my life, and I think I found peace around her. I can’t make her be my friend. I can’t convince her it’s a good idea. But I did have some nice times with her, and I think well, at least I got to have her in my life again, even if it was only for a short time. She is truly one of the beautiful people, in an all rounded sense. Inside as well as out. She thinks she’s mean, well, maybe to other people, but she was always really nice to me, even when she dumped me because I went crazy.

She didn’t dump me because I’m crazy, she knew about that the whole time. It’s just, I was acting out REALLY inappropriately. How embarrassing. She says she’s forgiven me for that at least, small mercies, but no dice on restarting a friendship. And she really was my best friend for a while. I just loved her and told her everything. I’d never had someone I felt romantic about be such a best friend. And that was hard to let go of when I lost it. I’ve always wanted a lover who was also my best friend in the world. I think that’s how it should be with all couples. And I never felt like she was manipulating me or playing games with me, although she could have been, who knows. I don’t think she did though, she was always really straight up honest with me. Now she thinks she’s bad for me and always has been, I don’t know how to tell her she’s my favorite female in the whole world. And I’ve successfully become best friends with two of my exes, and I’m friends with another one casually in a facebook way. But the two best friends who were my lovers were TERRIBLE! We had such a crappy relationship, the both of them and I! We just did not click as lovers, although the sex was great. But you know, even though they’re my exes, I don’t think of them in anyway as potential partners again. We’re great best friends, but we just can’t add sex to it.

And who knows, maybe that’s the same with my recent ex. Maybe we make terrible lovers but great best friends. I’m really curious to find out. No, we made pretty good lovers. But that’s my opinion. I just keep thinking, here is this amazing person I just love to bits and wouldn’t it be cool if we could hang out like friends.

And wouldn’t it be cool if we could be best friends who sucked eachother’s cocks! LOL. No, I have never seen her with a strap on. But now that’s in my head. And me trying to be friendly and not lechey, oh man what a poor job I’m doing of it.

Anyway, this E trip was very gentle, but fun, and I liked coming to a peace about my ex. It’s okay to love her this much, it’s just too bad she doesn’t want it. We could have been a cute couple. But whatever, I love someone who is not in my life anymore. That’s okay. I’ll always love her I’m sure, I’ve loved her since high school. And definitely in terms of exs she’s on the top of my list. I have no complaints about her character, she was always upstanding in all her dealings with me. And that’s a good note to end a relationship on. I never went through a period of hating her or anything after she dumped me, although I was very very very very sad but too caught up in the hospital and manic psychosis to articulate it properly. It was a festering sadness, which is now gone. And even if some friends have griped about her for dumping me when I was crazy, I wouldn’t change a hair about her, and I wouldn’t listen to anyone tell me something about her character I knew not to be true.

The last time I talked to her on the phone she hung up on me right away. I was calling from the psych ward. I don’t blame her.

And thus ends my tale of cocksucking boys and pussy eating girls. With the simplest advice straight from me to you.

Never EVER EVER call your recent ex lover from the looney bin. It’ll just made them glad they dumped you before it all went to hell.

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