Easter with Sky

I haven’t written about my sister for a long time, so I may as well tell you about today and hanging out with Sky. First we picked her up at her group home, then we got chocolate bunnies and she got a free chocolate egg, which she ate immediately and then kept sticking her tongue out at us. All the way on the car ride home she was talking her Sky speech, mostly gibberish with the occasional Gammy (Grandma), Mommy, and you know, she didn’t say my name at all today. She does call me by something that closely resembles Thirza.

Then we went home and she and I played with mom’s new treadmill. She quickly discovered the emergency shut down mechanism. Finally she decided the best course of action would be to sit on the treadmill, so I turned it on and she was trying to get off but her butt just kept going, it was pretty funny, we laughed.

Then she wanted hugs, lots and lots of hugs, so I was hugging her and she kept taking off my hat. She likes tactile things, so a lot of cuddles and so on are what she likes. She also likes when we also make weird noises with her, which we do.

Finally it was supper, I got her to feed the dogs from her plate, she was pretty much finished and had a mess of leftovers on it, and she was pretty into feeding the dogs. She also cuddled Mister, and he was really good, he didn’t cry or fight or anything, even though she was hanging onto his paws and everything.

She ate her entire chocolate bunny and then, because the rest of us just ate the ears off the bunnies, started trying to get another bunny. She started hugging me but sneaked her arm in behind my back and grabbed my bunny, but mom got it. Later we sat on the couch and snuggled some more while she played with my watch and made her occasional noises and grunts and so on. Then she decided it would be fun to make me slap myself.

Tonight for the first time I actually helped Sky in the bathroom. But it turned out to be a tease, she didn’t need to pee and so I was saved from wiping her bum.

Anyway, now Mum’s trying to get her to take her antibiotic. We put it in an orange pop ice cream float, but I don’t know if she’s taken it.

I love my sister, there’s no one else like her in the world.

Oh, she sneaked up behind me calling Sircy, which is what she calls me. So I guess she did say my name today after all.

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