Today I got a new vibrator, and a smacky leather paddle, and some new lube called Slippery Kitty. I haven’t bought sex toy stuff in ages, not since my last dildo anyway. I went to Positive Passions in Saskatoon.

They really need more dildos. The really interesting stuff is in a tiny room the size of my Moms closet. It’s not like some other places. It’s nice, just very very small.

But maybe I am spoiled by having shopped at places like Good Vibrations in San Francisco, Womyn’s Ware in Vancouver, and Come As You Are in Toronto.

Everyone needs more dildos.

My favorite rat, Nikolas, ate my dildo once. He chewed the entire head off it. It was so sad, because when I found it I was really needing it and suddenly it was useless, dead, no more dildo for me. It was my first dildo too. And it was like, the perfect size, I’ve missed it ever since.

My favorite dildo company is Vixen Creations, a woman owned and operated place that turns out these really great super durable silicone dildos that have like, lifetime warranties on them. Now they have a new product I haven’t tried out yet called Vixskin, which has lubricant mixed in with the silicone somehow so it’s really elastic-y and rubbery and skin-like. So I’m curious. I don’t know.

I am waiting for my new HK119 album to come. I had to order it from the UK. Finally, after years of complaining about how I wanted one, it’s coming! HK119!

Here’s a random HK119 Video.

So anyway, I got a rabbit pearl vibe. It’s this crazy thing that has a rotating penis head, spinning pearls to stimulate your gspot, and a vibrating rabbit for your clit, with vibrating rubber ears. It’s wild because it’s just so involved. I mean, what a complex tool. who thought of all that? It really REALLY does work though.

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