DJ Deko-ze, Hawksley Workman, and some napping in between

Last night I saw DJ Deko-ze, who used to spin at PPM. It was fun. We chatted about this youth group we used to be in years and years ago. He’s still the same happy guy.

Then my friend and I came back and hung out at my place. I actually like hanging out in my apartment more. Too bad I’m moving.

Hawksley Workman tonight was fun, but I had to wait ages before he played Jealous of Your Cigarette and Striptease. He opened with We Will Still Need a Song, which was pretty rad.

And basically in between the two events I slept. I have been sleeping more lately, I think it’s still me getting over the E. Crazy man! No shit am I not doing that again for a long time.

I also hung out with my friend Danielle from high school. We went to this crazy battle of the bands where someone sang something Danielle swore was Obey The Mustard. I felt very old.

30 is such a weird feeling. And I’m not even 30 yet. Maybe it will feel totally different than I think it does. I still feel pretty immature in a certain way, I’m not sure if I am. I feel like I should have an RRSP or something. Or be married. And instead I’m running away from men on Skype and wondering why I can’t talk to The Cute Blonde Girl I keep seeing around.

At least the psychic told me I would settle down with someone. But how long I have to wait, I don’t know. I’d be miserable if she said there wasn’t anyone. But who?

Tis a mystery, and I am sleepy, and that is my report on the last two days. No one was shot at Lydias or at the Broadway Theatre, so that’s always good.

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