Boring Videographer with nothing to video

So I own an HDV video camera from Sony now. It’s really sexy! It’s small, smaller than I thought it would be. It has that wonderful feeling of POTENTIAL. It’s got a Carl Zeiss lens and XLR inputs, and even nightshot, and the best part is when you go into the menu it’s all a touch screen. And it makes beeps when you’re selecting things. I don’t know if the beeps is necessaily good. It’s cute though.

Nghtshot! Now I can make Yvette Fielding-esque ghost hunt videos!

Anyway, now I can start filming my project. I don’t know what to film. Or video, I mean, there is a difference. Video’s different in a nice way. Film is so super involved. I mean, you have to process the film and do all this stuff to it. Sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass.

Ha ha, Thirza on film “Sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass.”

My friend Robin and I were talking on Facebook when suddenly she sent me the most cryptic message that just said (Code 18). I mean, what the hell does that mean? Code 18. It’s a great way to end a conversation though, to just write back (code 18) and nothing else.

Oh man, I had a wicked e hangover for a day, then it was life as usual. I remember why I only do it extremely occasionally, it really sucks a lot out of you. Bleh. Bleh to that.

So anyway, tonight I am going to Lydia’s. I’m a bit nervous because the last time I went to Lydia’s, there was a shooting outside. I wasn’t there when it happened, but someone got shot in the arm. And he’s not saying anything, so it’s kind of scary. Someone else told me someone heard gunshots outside of Buds, like in the alley. Broadway’s getting to be a scary neighborhood!

Actually bad things have always been happening around broadway. One guy was killed after being hit on the head with a baseball bat. And I’m sure something else bad happened around there.

Broadway used to be the neighborhood I hung out in when I was a kid. My best friend Laurel and I would meet at the halfway point between our houses, the OK Economy. Which is now Extra Foods. Like Pinders is now Shoppers. She used to invite me to go with her when she did the laundry. It sounds boring, and it kind of was, but she entertained me enough to last through her crazy huge laundry tasks. Then the Wash and Slosh opened and we were finally old enough to have beer while doing her crazy laundry tasks.

Is the Wash and Slosh even around anymore? Methinks not. It’s a great concept though, getting drunk while doing laundry. It’s multitasking really, isn’t it?

Laurel is the one I saw the UFO’s with.

Tonight DJ Deko-ze is playing at Lydia’s. He used to spin at PPM, where I went when I was . . . younger. It should be good times! I hope. I’m kind of hoping to meet people there, but I don’t want to arrive at an ungodly nerdly time either. It’s tough work this trying to get out and meet people thing.

Tomorrow night I am off to see Hawksley Workman at the Broadway Theatre. My friend Danielle is going as well, it might be the first time I’ve seen her in months!

The quitting smoking is still a work in progress, by the way, as I have cheated.

Both of us left for the west coast as soon as school was finished basically. God, I would never live through that first year of living on my own again! That was so complicated.

I called my mum and asked her why she didn’t go see the UFO’s with Laurel and I (they were in the sky for a good three hours), she said it was because she didn’t believe us!

Nicotine is a terrible addiction, so cruel! Oh lord.

See, it’s a semi romantic idea of the smoking writer. Or director. But now it’s just not in fashion anyway. Bleh!

I have my video camera and nothing to video. It’s kind of anticlimactic.

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