Ramblings of a politically aware sodomite

I think at about now I’ve given up on seeing America get with the 21st Century. I mean, here it is years after my first episode, I’ve moved cities four times since then, and America is still at war with Iraq. And it’s not even with the army anymore, now it’s just this generalized chaos! How can you possibly put that into any sort of order while you’re doing terrible things with guns?

War torn regions have always bothered me. It’s not good for the health of humanity, to keep fighting itself. I wonder if we had a totally external enemy, like aliens, if we’d be more cohesive. Sometimes I think humans always need an enemy.

In scriptwriting it’s much the same, there’s nearly always an antagonist. I know a few films without one, but it’s hard to remember them. In Children Of Men nearly everyone else was an antagonist. Ugh! That would be a shitty world to live in.

You have to admit though, there hasn’t been another terrorist attack in the States. Remember when they were all running around screaming “Code Orange!” Oh noes! That silly terrorist alert code. And nothing would happen, but something COULD!

I used to be really fascinated by the CIA and MOSSAD and all those spy agencies. Once I bought a book about the CIA by Phillip Agee, but I got bored halfway through.

My apartment is a mess! And I really really do have to clean.

But I digress. And America’s got a committment to be in Iraq for years! They have no exit strategy.

OMG. I saw a show once of this guy asking Americans basic questions, and when asked who won the Viet Nam War this woman said “Us.” I was so shocked.

I am waiting on a friend to show up. Last night I went to this party at my friend Laurel’s place. We played Taboo and this woman said “Thing that Thirza and Laurel saw at Cranberry Flats!” And of course I immediately said “UFO!”

I’ll maintain to my dying day that I saw two UFO’s out there that night.

I’m listening to American Doll Posse. I really like Roosterspur Bridge. And on the album cover she’s holding a chicken.

Anyway, I don’t ever see an end to this silly war. It’s served no purpose except to totally fuck up a society. I wonder if strife would continue if the Americans left, or if another dictator would turn up, or what. I mean it’s got a big question mark for the future. America has a big questionmark for the future. Like what abut gay marriage there? How come they are so far behind?

You know, I don’t even know which countries besides Canada have legalized same sex marriage.

Oh, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Spain. Spain! That’s how you know where the sexy people are. I’m surprised it’s not legal in France though. I’d have thought it was a more permissive society.

Not that I need anyone’s permission to get married! Hmph!

I’d have thought it’d be legal in England too. Oh well. Canada is a nice place to live, although I think it’s foolish in the extreme for us to be in Afghanistan.

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