The Boy Side rambles.

I guess even though I’ve decided not to transition, I acknowledge I have a boy side to myself. It’s kind of obvious, but I never really consider it much of a bother. It used to really bother me in high school, growing up butch in high school is hell. Bleh! But then again, isn’t everyone kind of awkward in their bodies at that age? I was so confused, I wanted to fuck super femmey girls, but I didn’t particularly want to look like them. No one really explained butch femme to me at that age, it would have helped to know more about the erotic dynamic I eventually ended up with.

I’m in the process of cleaning my apartment. I decided first I would do the dishes. This was a larger task than I had originally anticipated. Currently some particularly foosty dishes are soaking in the sink, although I did get quite a few clean before having to give up.

I’m also trying to bleach some KoolAid stains from the counter.

I’ve let my apartment get WAY past it’s happy point. It’s a great mess.
Now it’s much later and I am listening to my coveted HK119 cd. I’ve already downloaded it to my iPod. AND I got a new Morcheeba album. I’m trying to make a point of buying music, for the sake of musicians everywhere. I download top 40 songs though. Is that a sin? Probably. I should be whipped.

none of my friends are around right now for me to bother. I’m still waiting to hear my friend Robin tell me of her adventures in Vancouver. She’s been posting great pictures in her facebook of her trip, including a hilarious photo of an egg/sausage/hashbrowns breakfast sitting next to a full on plate of sushi!

Oh yes, that reminds me, the Saga of the Keyboard. Well it went to pay for my tattoo and some beginner now has it, and is playing his heart out I hope. I sold it for 220. Not bad, but still a financial loss for me. I bought it for like, $280. And it’s been barely played with. Anyway, the silly thing is gone. I hate manic spending sprees. At least a tattoo is going to be forever. I’m excited about my new tattoo. It’s a dragon the colour of a corn snake. I got it to remember a bunch of people who have passed on, so basically it’s a memorial to all my dead friends and relations. Sort of weird I guess, but it makes sense to me the way my brain connects them all. Plus I wanted something colourful and big to go with my flames. So a dragon fits.

Oh man, I haven’t checked my dishes. I just got stood up to go out to Lydias! can you believe the nerve! LOL, I wasn’t feeling up to going out, I am going under the gun tomorrow. Getting a tattoo is like a ritual almost. I like how it works. It will be an interesting afternoon. And then no hottubbing for me for a while. Boo hoo! No HOT TUBS! Sad me.

oh man, my computer is doing things of a stupid nature. I just made my first iPod playlist so I can listen to all 62 songs I’m listening to most frequently these days.

My computer lost about half it’s library back when I departitioned my hard drive. Oh man, don’t ever partition a Mac hard drive, it’s just a stupid pain in the neck. And then I have this other hard drive that has 200GB on it, so I’m hoping that’s enough to make this whole video on.

Oh oh oh! I can put my film back on my camera! I’m going to go test my camera’s interface with my computer, I will report back later.

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