Logical? Nope, guess not.

So I took the bus all the way to my mom’s house only to find she locked me out! So no making phone calls. I should have just brought those numbers home with me, to be perfectly sensible. But I’m NOT sensible!

So then I took the bus home. And now I’ve smoked a joint and am thinking about cleaning. Thinking, mind you. The cleaning part probably wouldn’t be so much work if I would just get to it instead of wasting time thinking about doing it and what needs to be done. Blah to cleaning!

So I won’t think about it, I will write here instead.

I’m listening to Bjork’s Hyperballad. It’s so sweet. Reminds me of being a teenager.

A confused horny teenager.

I kind of miss how horny I used to be. But maybe that was really my manic side. Oh man! I can recall mildly manic episodes in high school, but I guess I just thought it was hormones. Either way, being manic can bring on the hornies. Look at Britney Spears, when she couldn’t find Adnan, she took home some other paparazzi! She’s in bed with the paparazzi, that’s like, the lowest you can go! All because of manic hornies.

I feel ridiculously LEVEL. Just totally even. I haven’t felt like this in maybe ever. I guess the medication really does work.

I had this friend in high school who used to constantly tell me “It’s not LOGICAL!” I just spent ten minutes reading the definition of an non sequitur and my head is spinning. Logic is funny. It’s like, just be sensible man! But I am NOT sensible.

Are UFO’s logical? I kind of think so. Space is so big and people somewhere probably came up with a way of traversing the universe. We’ve only had a space program for a relatively few years in the grand scheme of things. Plus I’ve seen them, with my naked eyeballs! Not more than a mile away!

I can’t remember what we argued about when she told me to be more logical. That was so long ago, I only remember the admonition.

I wish mania was more logical. I mean, it’s all based in signs and symbols and synchronicities. it doesn’t make any sense at all, and it just jumps around from thing to thing.

Blah to Mania!

It seems I am selling work to the National Gallery in Ottawa. Pretty cool! I hope if they screen a bunch of it I get to go out there, I could hang with my friend Ariel. I don’t really know anyone else who lives in Ottawa. I know people who go there a lot.

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