Do you remember the Nothing in the Neverending Story? That was so scary. I feel like that sometimes when I’m depressed, like there’s a great big NOTHING gobbling up all the joy.

I’m relatively happy today. I had a good time with my mom at her house after she helped me clean and pack. Then it was nice and warm and sunny and I spent time with the dogs on my mum’s porch. And I read about the pregnant man, which was interesting, I know someone with the same situation though. And I’ve heard of other transmen being pregnant, I wonder why this one hit the mainstream media.

It was a beautiful day. I think when all my moving is done I should help mom clean her porch so we can eat out there. I have four weed seeds sitting on my desk. I wonder if mom saw them.

Last summer, a marijuana plant grew uninvited in her back garden. One day she said to me “What, is THIS!?” and waved around a small smelly green weed. Well, it really was weed. And how it got there nobody knows. Although it probably fell out when someone was rolling a joint.

Pot has been around forever. So have tattoos.

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