Today I’ve done so much already and I have MORE TO DO! I’m packing up all my belongings to move into the new place, and it’s a pain in the arse. at least now I have all of my camera together. My mother was helping me a lot, which was really nice of her because she has far better organizational skills than I. Maybe I am saying goodbye to my computer before it’s gone for good. Oh so sad! Little computer! Not gone for good, gone for 18 hours. So long! No internet for me.

The good news is I am getting cable! No more facebook stalking for me! Now I can watch Britney Spears news! I wonder what meds she’s on. I like the ones I’m on actually. Anyway, yes, cable television. I’m thirty and I’m finally getting cable. Now I can watch whatever is on television these days.

Desperate Housewives!

I can rekindle my crush on Marcia Cross and watch agog every week. She is pretty hot, and I think I still have pictures of her in her underwear somewhere around here.

Well, it’s officially time to take apart my computer desk and eee, so wobbly it is! I bought myself a housewarming present, it’s a white elephant teapot, with an elephant sugar bowl. I hope it works well, teapots can be tempemental.

Anyway, that’s the end, until my move is finished.

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