Moving still . . . .

So the mover fucked up his back and they couldn’t move me today. Tomorrow at 10 they’ll finally load up all my stuff and take it to the new place. Of course the bed is taken apart and so I have to sleep at Mum’s.

I went and saw the new apartment, it’s very cute and exciting! There’s a small kitchen and a dining room and a big living room and a largish bedroom. And a storage room, which is really a ROOM. I think the animals will be very happy there. In the storage room. No, they get the run of the whole apartment. Schrodinger will be an apartment cat again, he’ll be so grumpy. And it’s not too far to get Mister out and onto some grass to have a poop.

We’re going out to get him some new squeaky toys and stuff to say Hello to the new apartment with.

I met my neighbor already, which was nice. They only do things like that on Wisteria Lane!

Yesterday I got myself a housewarming present of an elephant teapot with an elephant sugar bowl. Today mum picked me up a kit-cat clock. It’s really cute! It’s eyes go back and forth along with it’s tail. And they’re pricey! I think. Oh anyway, it’s really funny.

It goes nicely with my lime green dachshund lamp.

I’m so excited about my new house, it’s hard to sleep thinking about tomorrow and how I will finally be in my new place. With my animals! I went crazy at Petsmart buying them toys. I got Mister a new seatbelt, since he outgrew his old one and I think he’s coming traveling with us this summer, so he’ll need one. Without a seatbelt he just gets wiggly all over the car and it’s not good. I also got them a new water bowl. Schrodinger got some new toys too, and some catnip.

Soon I will be living with a dog and cat to look after all by myself! It’s kind of a lot of responsibility. I hope I’m a good mother. And Mister will need to go outside a lot. I’m glad they have each other, they won’t get lonely. No only child problem here! Anyway, I have to get up early to get a mcmuffin and move my stuff, finally finally! So goodbye!

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