Well, I’ve been happily moved into my new apartment. I’ve been busy getting all hooked up, and spending a lot of time here. This is a place I will stay in for years and years. I hope. I think I’m done tromping around the country. And it’s a really nice apartment, there’s so much room! I’m still amazed at that. It really is a home. It’s way nicer than my old place. I’ve been running around unpacking and generally getting the place in order. Cleaning. Finally my dog has calmed down enough and is just napping on the chair. The animals have had a rough time settling in. Sometimes Schrodinger wanders around crying. Poor kitty cat!

I am really liking living here. So far I’ve had three visitors come see me. It’s a nice space for hanging out and feeling groovy. And creative. There’s nice energy in here. I got plants the other day, some ivy, some gerbera daisies, some thing called a Ponytail. It’s funky looking.

It’s kind of weird finally being here because I’m probably going to stay here for a very long time. I can’t envision losing this place, it’s so cheap for what I get. 530 a month for a decently sized apartment!

I’d never get this kind of place if I lived in Vancouver. I’d never be able to afford this place either if it wasn’t a co-op.

Co-op living!

In 45 minutes my mom is picking me up to have dinner with the grandparents. I think I’ll bring Mister. He’s looking depressed, sitting on the chair.
There, I just took him for a walk. He’s perked up. Poor little dude.

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