Blah to the weather and blah to the cold!

The weather here has decided it is still winter, it’s weird. It’s snowing outside as I type this. Just when I got a nice apartment with a huge balcony! I had to bring two plants inside.

Mum and I have been toodling around getting nesting materials for my new home. I GOT A SET OF HULA GIRL PATIO LANTERNS> fuck1 I have a problem with my computer, in that sometimes it decides certain things need all caps.Anyway, I hate this snow and stuff. It’s driving me crazy.

Sleeping here is good, it’s a quiet building. I really like that about it. I’ve moved my birthday party to here. It’s coming up on Saturday! Saturday I’m going to be 30!

So I’ve been trying not to let the snow get to me, but now I also have a cold to go along with it. I could feel it building up all day, and now it’s hit. Bleh! I hate being sick. If only I had some cold killing meds. Pooh!

I had one year when I used to get sick all the time, every cold that came by I would get. My immune system must have been shot!

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