Victim Girlfriend Wanted

LIFE IS QUIET i’m really missing going to festivals though, which means I have to get my videos out there again. I’m not going to bother fixing my stupid keyboard’s antics this post.

So enough sitting around on my ass. I have to get a camera with firewire and then output my very late video.

It’s kind of a strange video because it was made for installations.

I also have to get my priorities fixed this summer while I work on my new video. I’m thinking of it as a road movie I guess. I really need to be giving it more thought and attention.

I’ve been considering quitting pot. Altogether or cutting back. I’m not sure which yet, but I’m thinking it’s been a waste of time lately. I need to get more creative, and it’s not helping my creativity anymore. Probably never did really.

I’m also trying to shoot my new video You Are A Lesbian Vampire. I’m going to make it really short. Probably about two minutes. I want it to be really sexy and funny. Carrie Gates has already agreed to be the vampire, so it should be fun. I just need a victim-girlfriend now. And I already have someone in mind. Yay for victim girlfriends! LOL! I shouldn’t say such things as a feminist. More LOL.

Where am I? Oh yeah, so I’m planning two road trips in North America and Scotland. And doing a shoot sometime soon. Maybe this week. It depends if I can recharge my phone enough to get a hold of Carrie for scheduling. I’ve realized I really need to refocus on my career. I was getting somewhere for a while there. I need to get it back on track man. I miss hitting the festival circut. That was always fun.

Anyway, I’m 30 now and that means I’m ready for big changes. I want to keep control over my bipolar disorder. The meds I am on are really great right now. I’m pretty happy. Not manic happy, but content with life. I’m discontent actually, which is why I need the big changes. I dunno. I’m quitting smoking, which is going okay, despite slips. I’m on the patch and sticking with it.

I need to clean more, is one issue I could deal with I guess.

I really need to consider this road movie aspect of my project. I need to get a better handle on it. I’m thinking of using a heartbeat for my vampire project, just this quiet heartbeat on the whole soundtrack. I’m currently making my summer music playlist for my ipod.

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