I’ve been in two psych wards, one in Montreal and one in Saskatoon. The first time in the hospital I got really fucked up over it. THE LAST TIME WASN”T BAD>

I actually had a really good time in the hospital the last time I was there. I mean ya it was boring and all, but they spoke english! And I made some good friends. I actually ran into a guy last night who remembers me from the hospital. It was a positive experience, and they were so concerned about what my follow though care would be afterwards. It wasn’t like the first time, getting shoved out with an official designation as crazy.

At least crazy isn’t a full time thing though.

Last night I got ripped on drugs, I am STILL up, and I had the best talk with my straight friend Preston about sucking tit and eating pussy.

I’m chewing gum. I’m wide awake and I wish I could go to sleep.

But really, now I know that my first experience in the bin was an anomaly. Montreal wards suck major ass, somethings wrong with that city as far as their mental health care system.

We all went to the Yard to celebrate Deanna’s birthday. Then we went to Lydias, and then a bunch of us came to my house and stayed up all night. They’ve all crashed now And I am still awake! i now I’ll crash soon though/ But what a fun night!

I’ve made a new vow to only do pot on special occassions. Like once or twice a month. I’m quitting everyday pot use. I really think it will improve my creativity to cut back that much.

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  1. It’s bad enough being in a ward, mainly because they wouldn’t leave me by alone or let me buy smokes. Being in a ward with everyone around speaking a different language would actually contribute to more insanity for me.

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