Update on the homelands video

Well my Grampa’s haplogroup is STILL unknown, but my Gramma turned out to be an H. Not surprising since half the women in Europe are H’s. What is interesting though is that we are ALL, every single human on the planet, descended from one woman in Africa dubbed the mitochondrial Eve. There isn’t one man we’re descended from, but one woman in everyone’s maternal lineage. Pretty cool.

I just finished my vampire video, You Are A Lesbian Vampire. I WAS going to output and stuff tonight, but I left all my new tapes at Mom’s house. SO MAYBE TOMORROW> fucking keyboard!

Tomorrow is house cleaning day, which will be nice I guess, because the house sure needs it. fer sure.

We’re getting ready for the first big shoot week, which is coming up in less than a fortnight. We’re travelling around Grampa’s homelands here in Canada and America. It will be a nice road trip.

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