Firewire is my friend!

I finally got a firewire and have been busy outputting shot video onto my computer. It’s been a lot of fun! I’m editing my lesbian vampire video as we speak, type, whatever. It’s a voiceover with a heartbeat and then some hot shots of two girls kissing. But I need to throw in a couple more video bits to it, girls kissing cannot carry it all alone, sadly.

I’m trying to give up smoking, but I smoked for pride. I should get back on the patch soon.

I didn’t meet any single girls this pride, though I did meet a lesbian I used to go to high school with. I didn’t know she was a lesbo then.

Pride was nice, we went to the parade and it didn’t rain on us. Mom got me a gay sticker for my bike. We had a hot dog.

Then I partied all night, and now I am still up, musing on my day.

I realy do love making video and shooting and editing it. Its like my favorite thing, even more than drugs!


I can’t really write this morning, I just felt bad for not giving my blog a newer post.

I smell something floral.

We waited in line at Divas for 35 minutes before giving up. Ugh! They were full and only taking members first. So we came back here for the rest of our fun.

I love Pride, and there were some very sexy girls there.

But even more than Pride, I love my new firewire cable.

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