Scotland is coming up really really soon! 25 days! I got my passport application in today, whew! It will arrive no later than one week before we leave. I was assured anyway. Maybe 2 weeks. People are getting them pretty quick.

It’s good to have as well, in case one of my new tapes takes me to a festival overseas. That would be nice.

So I’m pretty excited to go to Scotland, I have no idea what I will discover. Will it feel like home, is what I really want to know. It will be an adventure, to be sure.

Yes, I’m Scots and Cree, which technically makes me Metis. And yet I continue to identify as a halfbreed, or biracial. I guess I feel like I wasn’t raised with specifically metis culture, so I don’t feel comfortable with the label.

Our family is very Cree. Especially with the Cree humour.

So soon!

I’m still looking for someone to look after my pup and kitty, after my arrangement with my grandparents fell through. So if any of my local friends ever read this, and you would like to housesit two cats and a small weiner dog let me know.

I’m feeling rather optimistic about life these days. I hope its not mania! LOL.

Being bipolar is intense, but manageable. To think that some pills make everything better. I wouldn’t go off meds again, not with the repercussions of the last time I went off meds still resonating in my broken heart. No! I’ve made a renewed commitment to my own stability. I don’t want to have to go back to the hospital, although I have heard of breakthrough episodes. Bleh to them! I think it’s just a bizarre illness to have. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have it, but then sometimes I think it’s inspired me in certain ways. Whatever it is, it’s something I have to work with for the rest of my life.

I’m also losing weight really fast. My pants are all baggy, and I just bought them a few months ago. This could be good but rapid weight loss is also a sign of diabetes, so I have to go into my doctor and get tested for it. Crap! Plus I have to get a note explaining my medication for Scottish Customs.

I like the weight loss in and of it self. I’ve been wanting to lose about 20 pounds. If not more. My meds really made me get bigger. I grew out of a righteous leather jacket! Sadness!

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