Side Effect Lane

I have one very queer side effect, lactation. Sometimes small amounts of milk get secreted and I’ll end up with a wet t-shirt. Not DRENCHED, my god! Just little spots. How embarrassing. I started lactating on the trip we took one day. I think it was because I was not wearing a bra. What a weird freakin’ side effect!

The other unfortunate side effect is occasional incontinence. Terrible! And it’s related to my meds, apparently.

My quality of life is fine though, aside from those two things. Oh yeah, AND I lost a bunch of weight and now we’re worried it’s diabetes. crap. Crap crap crap. I will find out soon!

Scotland is going to be so much fun!!!! Ahhhh! Scotland! My homeland! One of them anyway. I’m pretty excited about going, and so is Mum. I’m so glad she’s coming with me! We will get to spend quality time together on an adventure! I also hear the girls there are good looking. But it was a fellow Scots telling me that, so who knows. I am paying a bazillion dollars for my beloved animals to go to a kennel. I wish I could pay someone to look after them, but it seems no one can do it. So to the kennel they go. My cousin Shannon didn’t help matters when she said “That’s like jail for dogs.”

Mister will probably hate it! Oh man! Schrodinger will think of it as a new adventure.

Anyway, I’m lactating as I type.

It’s not so bad, at least it’s not gushes and gushes. Men can start lactating on the meds I’m on too. Weird eh? I didn’t know men could do it either.

Fact: Women can ejaculate and men can lactate.

You know, it really shows how similar the “two sexes” are.

Well that’s enough about men.

What elsez? I’m feeling creative and therefore sexy! I wish I had someone to romp with. Someone cute and femme and around my age! Someone with a job! Someone who likes to take me out places. Someone who will buy me piercings and tattoos!

Well that’s enough for a personal ad.

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