Thirty and still single

Summer is coming to a close, and I have to find a job doing something I enjoy I hope. I’m open to all kinds of jobs really. Well, no. I don’t know. I’m hoping to find something I can stick with though.

I’m also really wanting to be with someone again. I’m not sure who, I would have to meet someone I guess. Saskatoon isn’t very big. I’d be open to a long distance thing I guess, although they can be really unsatisfying. Hmm. I keep getting these depressing ads on Facebook that say “Thirty and Still Single?” And then go to guys personal ads. Well That does not help me at all, and it just makes me feel and probably look desperate. Really desperate, considering I am a lesbian.

The truth is that I’m at the mercy of fate on this. I mean, I really don’t know who I will meet or what kind of woman I’ll fall in love with again. I’m in that terrible limbo between lovers when you don’t know when you’ll meet someone again. Ugh!

But really I’ve also been trying to think of an appropriate response to the recent stabbing and beheading on the Greyhound in Manitoba. I’m think of writing something along the lines of mental health and how the system fails people in need of help. BUT THEN there are also all kinds of other issues at hand, like it’s impact on strengthening the stigma towards persons with mental health issues.

Anyway, I have not much else noteworthy to say today. I’m kinda flat. I’m thirty and still single, it’s not terribly exciting.

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