Do I LOOK like a peanut to you? Do I? Huh?

In eight days I’m off to Scotland. Pretty exciting!!! I hope my mom is better by then, she’s been warding off a nasty infection with some antibiotics. Everything’s ready, I have to buy some videotapes, but that’s about it. My passport arrived safe and sound, and I have to say, I look like some kind of thug from a native terrorist group. It’s embarrassing. About as embarrassing as my first ECIAD id that made my head look like a peanut.

Well what can you do but sniff some glue?

I looked so young and beautiful in my first passport photo. Damn! WHAT HAPPENED!? About 10 years I reckon.

I went to the Fringe here but Didn’t go to the plays, which kinda sucked because that’s the whole point. I think my mom and I are going to try and see something at the Fringe in Edinburgh. That’s the plan anyway.

Or just go where there are buskers. That’s fun too. Once I saw Juicy Danger do a show at English Bay, and I’d gone all by myself just to see the ocean. It was nice.

When I think about it, I used to do a lot of stuff alone. I liked it. It was fun being a young woman on my own in public. You’d be surprised how people react to it sometimes. Traveling on my own is fun too. I’d like to do more things alone, like go out to a movie or something. Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg is showing at the Broadway in Sept. I’m thinking it would be nice to go alone.

I’m trying to think of a way to carve out a decent living for myself in between projects. A friend suggested temp work until I get enough experience to stay in some office type job. That would be nice. I like doing office support staff work. It has enough mild variety and occasional office intrigue to keep me going. Some workplaces turn into soap operas, it’s kind of crazy. Like me.

I’m still trying to think of something to say about the Tim McLean murder and the media around it especially, but the news changes everyday. I was happy to hear that hundreds turned out to keep that Westboro Baptist Church from protesting. And that some were turned away at the border. I just hope that in the future when that bizarrely homophobic congregation come back to Canada to protest something that the same degree of sentiment towards keeping them out will apply. OMG! They had better NOT protest my funeral! In fact, I’m surprised they do get to protest places like soldier’s funerals. I mean the Winnipeg police said they’d arrest anyone who disrupts the funeral, but in the States it seems to be groups of bikers who keep them away from funerals.

Ah well. Bikers do nice things.

What else? A PERSON I know took a research drug and had a bad trip for THREE days! Oh man, that’s a harsh lesson to learn. No way would I do a drug nobody knows anything about. All my prescriptions are some well tested drugs. I think. No one really knows the LONG term outcome of these meds, like what they will do to me in old age. They can guess, but only based on older medications effects. Maybe I will turn into a turnip, damn!

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