I can masturbate as much as I want to!

Being single and sexual is a strange thing. Not being cut out for casual romping, I’ve had to create a semi interesting masturbatory life. Although I fear that it has become ROUTINE!

Sexual satisfaction on a routine basis sounds fine, until you think about all the interesting things I could have done to myself to spice it up. I am a deviant by nature, so things like hot wax, needles, tying myself up, I mean, there really are TONS of things I could be doing besides routine handjobs.

And I wonder to myself, how can it get so routine? I’ll buy vibrators to spice it up a bit, but even that can become routine and rote. So I am putting out a challenge to myself and other fellow masturbators to incorporate more variety into masturbation!

Here are a few suggestions.

Buy a bondage book and some rope and experiment with different forms of bondage.

Use an object that seems appealing in some way.

Try it with nipple clamps on!

Experiment with sensations from different things like feathers and candle wax.

More suggestions? Add them in my comments!

I just think it’s a shame that something as fun as masturbation ends up being edged out of our lives into neat little slots of convenience. Maybe I should have dates with myself. LOL. Really though, I don’t understand people who diss masturbation. It’s an excellent stress reliever. And I’ve recently heard that it’s good for women who want to have orgasms easier with a partner or alone.

It’s a funny topic, people don’t really want to talk about masturbation because it’s kind of seen as second rate sex. And because it’s naughty. I’ve often wondered about people who DON’T do it, that seems a little more suspect to me.

One thought on “I can masturbate as much as I want to!

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