The Dark Side of Humanity

I think I should just be honest about this. Although most mentally ill people ARE peaceful and non-violent, we all know what it’s like to be out of control. Maybe that’s why the murder in Manitoba scares me, not because I could kill anyone, but just that some people really do flip out that hardcore. Not often though. There’s a reason every one is shocked by this crime, because it’s out of the ordinary, even among persons living with altered states such as me. My god, at my craziest I usually can’t even kill a bug or eat meat, never mind assaulting someone. I have done bad things while crazy, which is why it can ruin your life, bleh, but eventually I was hospitalized.

It seems like the murderer just fell through the cracks in the mental health system. It was mentioned he was in a psych facility for four days, but four days is nothing, not even long enough to get stabilized on meds. Did he have follow up care? Or was he just unmedicated and floating around in a delusion?

It’s a sad situation all around. One person’s dead and the other person wants to be dead. And people are clamouring for the death penalty to come back. Now that is insane. This is CANADA! Plus I don’t think it would look good on the international stage to start executions of mentally ill persons, no matter how heinous the crime. I don’t think any executions are justifiable.

It really affected people. When I heard details about it I felt physically ill. I won’t go into them here, you can google it on your own. But it was quite gruesome.

I think one of the things that has bothered me is how many people are also asking for people to be locked away in institutions like in the old days. Ugh, do you know how crappy it is to live in an institution? And besides that, with the new drugs a great number of people can live normal lives in the rest of society, where we belong! I don’t want to be segregated because of my illness when for the most part I am fine. That’d suck.

It’s a touchy topic. Obviously something failed. A simple carry on baggage check could have prevented it. Or police could have been called when some people noticed him acting weirdly the night before. But really all this are what if’s, clearly what has happened happened.

It’s the reason though, at least that’s what people are thinking. Tim McLean is dead because his neighbor was crazy. It’s a scary and simplistic explanation of what happened and is enough to satisfy people’s questions. But I have questions, like did the murderer have a violent past, I mean clearly he had some strange intentions for a huge “Rambo” knife. Whatever happened, it’s this dark side of humanity that pops up and shocks the hell out of us sometimes.

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