The Last Leg of my Journey

We’re going to the Infamous Loch Ness today on a boat tour. Maybe we’ll see the monster! It’s been incredibly fun and we’ve seen some very cool things. I’m going to be glad to get home though to see my little dog and my kitten. I had a dream about my cat last night, dreamt I tied him to some balloons and then realized he might fly high in the sky away from me. I also dreamed my stomach had tons of surface piercings and I had no recollection of doing them, only to find out Mike did it while I was drunk and high! Weird dream!

I’ve been having lots of weird dreams since quitting smoking, they are very trippy.

It’s a Sunday, we have to take some laundry back to the BAndB and then get a spot of lunch and then go on our excursion. It’s a cloudy day but no rain, thankfully. When we did our archaeological tour of the Orkneys it was spitting misty rain off and on, our tour guide was amazing though and had an obvious love of the land.

So far I’ve tried Scottish crab, Scottish Lamb, and Scottish Steak! Yummers!

i’M SUCH A HOMEBODY AT HEART THOUGH! I love Saskatoon and am happy to have made my home there, after such a long time in Vancouver. I appreciate it more now.

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m so happy to have come here. It will be interesting to see how my video turns out.

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