Super freak, she’s super freaky! Yeah!

It’s now well into our holiday/shoot and I’ve got some great footage. We saw some puffins in Wick and I got two of them on tape but they are very small. We came into Kirkwall today to do a spot of shopping and I have to say, I’m glad we picked Stromness to stay in because it is far prettier.

The food is good from time to time, I still haven’t tried haggis because it sounds offal. Ha ha! But we did get some Scots bannock here, we haven’t tried it yet but we will!

Scotland is an interesting place to visit, everywhere seems so rich with history. Being in the Orkneys is interesting because they still have very strong ties with Norway and with their viking heritage. I found some wicked presents for people, or one person anyway, and oddly enough we found a Lonely Planet guide for the Trans Siberian Railway. Our next trip, hopefully!

Travelling with Mum is excellent except that she often has to find a bathroom. Poor lady. We haven#t seen any seals, but I am hoping we might see Dolphins at Inverness. We’re also going on a boat tour of Loch Ness soon. Maybe we’ll see some humps! My humps . . .

The weather was miserable in edinburgh, but it has vastly improved for the rest of our trip. Mum wasn’t impressed with Edinburgh castle. The really interesting part of our trip was Wick when we wandered about discovering things about our relative who lived there.

Anyway, back to Facebook I guess! I’m glad we’ve had internet access every so often because I had to attend to a couple business emails. I’m going to be in a show at the National Gallery in October, and in late September I’m going to the Lower Mainland for a few days to be part of a shoot.

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