An experiment in exhausted writing

I feel like I’m lost in time somewhere between day and night. In Edinburgh time it’s now 7 am, but here in Saskatoon where I am again it is only midnight. It feels WAY later. I’m really confused and I feel out of sorts because I’ve been awake for 24 hours! On a plane! Ugh! My ass hurts, I’ve been sleeping in skinny beds, I didn’t poop for a day, I’ve eaten crappy airline food and watched two movies back to back. I fretted the whole way about two pricey bottles of absinthe stashed in my checked luggage and had my ears pop over and over. I’m so fucking tired but I’m also stoned and it feels intense! And I’m so tired but I have to decompress before I can possibly lie down. I have some amazing footage including something I really have never seen before and could be a youtube hit.

I’m exhausted. Not to mention I decided I HAD to answer my email and most of it was about my upcoming group show at the National Gallery, and now I’m not sure my tired mind is adept enough for that.

Ah well. It’s nice to answer business email. Much less pressure than answering personal mail.

I’m SLEEPY! I’m crashing man, it’s LATe :LATE LATE for me! Actually I think, oh my ear finally popped, I think I’m going to look at my stuff first, then go to bed. Yes. Oh man it’s late.

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