I’m feeling goofy, having had some absinthe. And also still being terribly jet lagged. I’m pretty ready to go to sleep. It’s nice being back in Canada, I can’t imagine living any other place.

I really like my footage. I’m very tired though, again. I am premiering You Are A Lesbian Vampire in Toronto at ImagineNative. Exciting! And I’m also showing Madness In Four Actions there.

We picked up Mister and Schrodinger today. They had a good time at summer camp (aka the kennel), Mister came out of his shell a LOT more, and made friends with some of the dogs there. He’s also friendlier to my friends, which is nice. Schrodinger spent the time in the office with Mimi, my mum’s cat. He had his mouse with him. It’s a little fuzzy green thing.

Oh man, I should crash. Deanna liked the semi precious stone runes I got her. Now she can give me rune readings!!

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