Prayer of the week

I’m back to looking for work, and soon! I need something to fill in my long days and take away from my career for a while. LOL. No, I don’t consider work to be that huge a burden. Although it will be a definite change of pace from life right now.

I’m still doing well with not smoking. I’ve done all kinds of things and not smoked cigarettes. I still only had that one slip way way back when I first started quitting. It’s been weeks now. I’m on Step 2 of The Patch. It seems to be working. I didn’t notice the change from Step 1. I’m a little more tired though. It’s not such a heavy stimulant, and I’ve noticed being able to sleep more even when I am wearing it.

I’m pretty sleepy now, don’t know why I”m even writing. We might have come into contact with bedbugs in the UK. Mum has big welty bites on her arms and legs, and I have a few on my wrist and ankles. So, eeehhhh! I hope we didn’t bring them with us, although I hear they can’t survive Saskatchewan winters. Let’s pray it’s true!

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