the lazy entry

I’ve been sitting around all day today. That’s not quite true, I took Mister on a long walk and he had a poo and everything. It was a perfect owner/dog moment. Now he’s snoozing by his kennel. I think I should put it away, he was going in and out for a while but now he doesn’t care to.

I finally ordered my cable package, I’m not sure I can afford it, which is a bit silly, but we’ll see what happens. I cut out various silly programs, like all the sports channels. And anyway, we’ll see. There’s still nothing on. I’m so bored! I want The Simpsons or Corner Gas or something to be on.

Today I’m mainly sitting around being a bum. It’s because I’m waiting for my cousin Deanna to come over and hang out. We’re going downtown to goof around eventually and then back to Mum’s house for dinner.

It’s going to be a nice day. I keep cleaning my house in between writing these paragraphs, and it’s made me uninspired. I should quit.

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