Well, I’m in the temporary help industry now, where I am making a somewhat better wage doing work in light industry. Tomorrow I’m going to a warehouse to help out from 8 til 5, and the same on Thursday. Monday I was at an industrial laundry facility to count dirty clothes. I made 11 bucks an hour. This is much better than the call centres. I hated being yelled at ALL the time by people I called to take part in surveys. So far the work’s been REALLY temporary. I don’t know, it’s a strange way to earn a living, it makes me feel a bit like a prostitute, being pimped out to all kinds of businesses. At least In Theory. In practice it’s just like going to work for a few or one days and then waiting for the next assignment to come in. I’ll see if I like it after I’ve done it for longer.

A friend told me to be glad I didn’t get data entry jobs because he said they’re BORING as all hell. I guess so. Data entry doesn’t sound glamourous.

Of course the fact that I am in light industry worries me a bit because my cousin Christopher died in an industrial accident. I will have to be very careful. I got a pair of steel toed work boots today with some artist fee money because apparently most of the assignments I’m being sent to I need steel toed work boots. They’re really nice but I wish I didn’t have to lay out so much money. Of course feet never change when you’re an adult, so if I take care of them they will last me years.

My quitting smoking is still going well. I am going to a week of Step 2 and then a last week of Step 3, and then I’m going off the patches for good. I am feeling REALLY triggery for smokes lately and I don’t know why, I suspect it has to do with going for work again. I used to smoke during my breaks, now I don’t. I have to do something else.

And I like the sensation of smoking. I would smoke something totally not tobacco if I could, just for a replacement. But I don’t know the good herbal cigarettes or where to get them.

Anyway, that’s my life, not too exciting right now. Work is good though, I need the money and I actually didn’t mind being on my feet all day on Monday. If I can just keep it up . . . and get fit while I do it!

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