Government Supplied Gasoline

This article from the Globe and Mail about various racist comments made by the Conservative party’s folks made me shudder. So many stereotypes, so much hate. What a fucked up party man!

I am leaning towards the NDP right now and then also curious about the Green party. But then there is also the Liberals, and really that’s the only other big party aside from the Bloc, which I can’t vote for since I’m in Saskatchewan. Not that I would vote Bloc. Maybe I should just vote for a fringe independent candidate. Damn, so many choices.

It really makes me wonder about a place like the States where there are only two political parties. Not enough representation of diversity in political opinion. It’s kind of weird. Even though it’s pretty much been either Conservative or Liberal in power, there have been other people in parliament from all the other parties.

And it’s going to be another minority government. Those things seem to have elections pretty quick, and there’s always the confidence vote that can do it in.

One good thing about Canada is we do our elections with pencils and papers. No hanging chads, no electronic voting thinglydoos.

Anyway, the real point of this election is to get rid of the Conservatives. Stephen Harper is evil. He keeps axing arts funding. He gave people something like a hundred bucks a year towards their child care instead of funding day cares and the like. In Fit Of Pique I photoshopped a picture of him as George W. Bush’s Mini Me. Enough said.

Not to mention the, uh, sobering remarks made by a Tory Candidate’s assistant to Native protesters. And that guy who wants me and all my friends to live in Labrador.


What will we do there? Sniff government supplied gasoline?