Grant writer’s block

So I’m writing a grant to do a short recruitment video for the Martian Mining Ship that’s going to Terraform Mars for the Indigenous people of earth. It should be pretty funny. It’s based on a performance I’ve been doing here and there. Meaning, Saskatoon and twice in Vancouver.

I have the costumes designed already.

They are black coveralls with MARS CREW beaded on the back in red beads.

It’s kind of based in my desire, however far fetched, to go into space.

But it’s based on a different idea of going into space, because it’s tied in with this idea of home, and leaving home, and making a new home but it will never be the same. There’s an inherent loneliness to the idea of space travel.

Anyway, I am having grant writers block and it sucks. I can’t for the life of me describe my project. I need to read some of my old notes or something.

I can only get 17 000, which is still 17 000 more than I have now.

Damn block! I can’t even write this! I’m going to bed.

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