I was in the grocery store with mum the other day and we were looking at the nutritional information on the back of two packs of soup. She asked me how much sodium my favorite ichibans had. 1290mg. That’s a LOT! I’m trying to eat healthier ever since learning from my dietitian that I have high cholesterol. And I don’t want to have a heart attack soon. I feel like there’s still a lot I want to do.

It was funny seeing all the rubber food the dietitian had. Rubber carrots, rubber fish, rubber potatoes and rice.

It depresses me to think of having a heart attack. I have to do something about this.

I read somewhere online that one guy lowered his cholesterol levels just by quitting smoking. I AM smoking right now, but I still want to quit. And I think I will. I’m almost ready.

I’ve gotten used to drinking diet colas now. It’s really nice actually, I thought I would miss regular cola a lot more than I do.

If I had a cheap non toxic option to smoking I would. But nearly everything gives you toxic bluckies when you smoke it. Smoking’s not very natural, we should be eating it.

My cousin has moved into her new place, I’m happy for her, I’m glad she has a place to live in town.