Me chastising myself for better habits of an artist

I’ve had a ton of fun this weekend, saw more of my friends than I usually see these days. It felt like having a life, besides cleaning, and editing, which seems to be the two things I’m always doing. when I’m not on the net. The difficult thing about editing at home is that I can always veer to the internet when I’m supposed to be editing. And I haven’t been doing any writing besides my blogging. I feel like I blog to keep up my writing skills, even if it’s all drivel. Just to know I’m at least writing SOMETHING every so often.

But I haven’t been working on my short screenplay or my final report(s) or my next grant either. I’ve been a bum writer, writing for short lived internet jollies. And I haven’t even written my more serious editorial pieces or anything. Just goofiness.

I’m still aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle. And when I say lifestyle I do not mean being queer. I hate when people call being queer a lifestyle, like it’s up there with being a fitness buff or something. No one ever calls heterosexuality a lifestyle.

But I did fall off the no smoking wagon. I feel guilty and bad about it. Oh man, especially when I think who would want to kiss a smoker? I don’t mind kissing smokers, but it just makes me one point more appealing if I quit. And I need that one more point of charm!

And I do have yoga to do now, which is actually a lot of fun. The whole point is relaxation, which is nice. I like it so far. I can do Corpse really well!

I have to go to bed now.

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