Pride week in Saskatoon

I haven’t gone to any Pride events yet. I figure I will blow my wad at the parade and the dance. I haven’t got anyone to go to the Dance with me yet, like a friend I mean. I will probably go with my cousin.
I went out to Diefenbaker Park last night with an old friend, where we drank hot chocolate and talked about old relationships and future relationships. Damn she has some intrigue in her life. I feel like I am not getting out there enough. I should advertise myself!
Never mind that, I’ve had several personal ads running here and there, and have only ever gotten a handful of responses that seemed remotely interesting in all those years of doing online ads. And I hate writing the about me sections. I always feel like I should mention the bipolar thing, but I don’t. Not that I wouldn’t, I’m pretty open about it.
It just seems like bipolar almost automatically adds a layer of drama to relationships. You know what I would like to read? A book about how to have a relationship written for people with bipolar. I don’t know if it would help. I used to spend my evenings sitting in the self help section of Chapters reading all their books. They didn’t care, and I did buy books enough for them to leave me alone. I just didn’t want to pay for self help books. I learned all about “I” statements there. Come to think of it, I think an ex read those same self help books because she used all that lingo.
I also used to read all their paranormal stuff.
I had a couple years there where paranormal stuff kept happening to me. That was weird.
It will happen again, I am sure.
I wonder when the world will acknowledge that we’ve been getting visited by aliens!? At Cranberry Flats?!?
I realize this entry is not much about Pride. I like Pride, it’s one of my favorite times of the year, mainly because there are so many hot cuties that come out of the woodwork. I’ve never had a girlfriend in the same city as me during Pride. Kinda sucks. and I’ve never gotten laid during Pride either. And yet every year there’s that feeling, maybe this will be the year me + some girl will collide during pride = sex. Even though the track record is going against me, I still clean up and try to be sexually presentable Just In Case.
Who knows, maybe this year if I recondition all my leather I will win a sweetie! I’ll put it on Facebook, just to make sure everyone knows I’m all ready for someone.
Well Mum will be here any minute to take me to see my dog, who’s just gotten shaved! Little Mister! He’s living with me now and it sure is good having a pet.

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