Life With Mister

I didn’t know what else to write about, besides maybe talk about my dog, Mister.
He’s laying beside me right now chewing on a rawhide bone. Earlier in the day he decided he wanted love right in the middle of my Tarot reading. And when I woke up this morning, he was patiently waiting by the bed. Whenever I come into the apartment, he does his crazy kissy dance routine all over me. He’s pretty sweet.
He is a wiener dog, and he was supposed to be my psychiatric service dog. Life had other plans. I did come into contact with a woman who taught psychiatric service dogs, but while he’s good with depression, he is NOT good with mania. I was just moving around too much, and he’s a little guy so he got freaked out and spent time under the couch. He slept with my mom instead of me, and I barely slept.
But we’re fine again now. But no, he cannot be a service dog. On the other hand, he is a good companion and therapy animal. He likes being held and he’s very engaging, he keeps me from being stuck in my own head.
He is marching in the parade with me this year. Although I am worried about him getting stepped on. But he’s done it two years in a row. I keep talking with my mum about organizing a wiener walk, but so far it has never happened. Mum just got a dachshund herself, a smooth coated black and tan girl named Hermione. She’s super cute. This is her birthday month. When mum first got her it was so cold and we cut up one of my wool socks and made a sweater for her. She was THAT tiny.
Even though the psych service dog thing didn’t pan out, I still am pretty happy with Mister. He makes me smile. Whenever he’s away from the apartment it feels lonely. I like living with animals.
Here is a wiener dog from the Ministry of Funny Walks!